Lauren McCleary
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Curriculum Vitae


Installation & Collaborations

Tame, Taming, Tamed
LOOP, Studio 84, 2021
Conjunctions: and , if, yet, but
Washington State University, Gallery 2, collaboration with Mary Welcome, 2008
Substitute Docent
University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery, 2021
Washington State University Graduate Thesis Exhibit, 2009
Washington State University, Traveling Tent Show, 2008
Lub Dub, here nor there
Grand Rapids Public Museum, Art Prize, 2012

You’re Invited

Interactive Installation
University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery, Moscow, Idaho (2021)

Border Crossers

Moscow, Idaho (2013)

Collaboration with David Herbold

Walk Wander

Art Farm Art Residency, Marquette, Nebraska (2008)

Make Believe

Center for Visual Art, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado (2007)

Make Believe was the culminating project in a series of work about childhood imagination. As a young girl, I carried paper ponies in my pockets. Revisiting that habit for this series, I landed on the artform of contemporary and historical cut paper. Make Believe was my first large scale paper installation, and many years later I am still fascinated with the possibilities such a simple material holds.

Thought Harbor

Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon (2008)

Collaboration with Mary Welcome


Modern Art, Modern Hotel, Boise, Idaho (2013)

Collaboration with David Herbold

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