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Lauren McCleary holds a BFA and K-12 Art Education degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and an MFA from Washington State University. She has lived on the Palouse since 2007 and is now the Clinical Assistant Professor of Art Education at the University of Idaho.

Teaching Statement

As an artist and educator, I approach teaching with a dedication to environmental advocacy and sustained exploration of visual art forms. My meditative cut paper process becomes a conduit for translating observations into meaningful reflections on pressing environmental concerns. In the classroom, I instill this commitment in students, fostering a deep connection between artistic expression and environmental consciousness. My teaching philosophy extends beyond technique, aiming to inspire a collective sense of responsibility for our ecosystem. Initiating community programming reflects my dedication to formal yet collaborative exchanges, mirroring the transformative power of visual arts in shaping a harmonious and sustainable world. I present a teaching approach that not only imparts artistic skills but also cultivates a profound understanding of environmental stewardship through creative exploration.

Student Work

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Community Engagement

Community engagement is critical to fostering a shared creative spirit. Initiatives like the collage club or the community gardening exemplify this exchange of ideas between neighbors. Beyond personal expression, my art becomes a catalyst for environmental awareness and sustainable action within the community. The reciprocal exchange fuels my artistic vision, creating a meaningful dialogue between art, environment, and collective responsibility.

Collage Club

Garden at the Appaloosa Museum

Fieldwork with Scientists

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